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Egg weight of pure lines (1 to 4) or of commercial and experimental strain crosses (5 to 8) fed a standard ration (R) or overfed 20 from placement in the layer barn (OF).
If the male is sore, the last thing it wants to do is mate, and if promotion montre homme diesel it is mating it will be much less successful.
It is clear that improving the body weight profile of underweight birds have the potential to significantly improve broiler breeder productivity.
IGF-I is a regulator of bird metabolism and muscle development and increased expression of IGF-I will result in increased breast muscle.8 Our observation that pullet phase nutrition had more influence on broiler offspring than the nutrition during the laying phase (Moraes, unpublished) supports the idea.Female preferences for dominant males can be problematic in flocks with heavy males.Association des universités et collèges du Canada.As a result, the most effective approach to controlling egg size is still to maintain as high as possible a rate of lay later in production.However, other groups exist within the population that can both gain weight and produce large numbers of eggs, or do the opposite (Renema and Zuidhof, unpublished data).As an example, moving from a higher energy ration in the rearing period to a lower energy ration during the breeder period, which results in a drop in the energy to protein ratio, also hurts broiler offspring breast muscle yield and overall carcass yield.Gabarrou,.F., Geraert,.A., Francois,., Guillaumin,., Picard.This is in contrast to underfed birds, which we have shown will cease egg production all together with just a 9 drop in feed allocation (86.This same phenomenon occurs during the transition onto feed restriction from full feeding in the first few weeks after breeder chick placement.
The shell quality issues that have appeared in some flocks after 40 to 45 wk of age can typically be easily remedied by the supply of some large particle calcium.
The best males in the younger flock could be the ones causing the most trouble in the older flock if they are not able to complete matings.
Egg Size: Genetic selection programs in table egg stocks compared to broiler stocks have affected reproductive traits differently.
We have recently begun to see examples of shell quality issues confined to specific feeding treatments with no obvious reason for the shell quality differences among groups.
Flock fertility results dont show which males are working and which ones are lame, too big, or just sore enough in the feet and leg joints to not want to bother to mate.
Lighting: The majority of research on daylength and light intensity has occurred in laying hens. .Using this approach can enhance late egg production, control egg size and contribute to improved embryo survival and even broiler yield traits.Pp 1025 in: Biology of Breeding Poultry.(2009) reported that offspring of Langshan breeders fed.Grocery Associate, calgary, AB, posted on: Wed, 10:23:43 GMT.We can learn a lot from table egg laying hens reproduction and even from wild poultry species.Black Creek Community Health Centre, bC Council for Families, bC Non Profit Housing Association.The egg can be affected very quickly by fluctuations in feed intake.Anne Johnston Health Station, association des statisticiennes et statisticiens du Québec.Unfortunately in broiler breeders, once you move beyond methionine and start reducing various combinations of choline, folic acid, and vitamin B12 that can work well in laying hens you are reducing micro-ingredients tv show promo pics essential for broiler hatchability.11.Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, 56:25-35 (Suppl.Careful attention to feeder space and even initiating a sorting program during the pullet phase can help generate a group of birds with uniform BW going into the breeder house.

Under conditions of overfeeding, egg weight was much more responsive in commercial strain crosses than in pure lines (Figure 2).
Close to the body weight target.
While there are some nutritional components to male fertility (antioxidants and minerals like Zinc, Choline and Selenium that contribute to both sperm production and sperm survival in the female reproductive tract reproductive behavior of the flock must be managed appropriately to maintain long-term flock fertility.


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